Example Charts and Reports: Janitorial

Janitorial includes periodic cleaning, special cleaning, trash collection, and offsite disposal. For many participants, this information is readily available from their accounting system or from their contractor. The data input screen (partial view) is shown below...

A sample output of the Janitorial cost per cleanable area is shown below. The data can be filtered by region, security clearance requirements, cleaning frequencies, and much more.

The chart above shows the median cost of $1.11 per cleanable square foot and the sample site with an actual cost of $1.21 per cleanable square foot. Note that it is in the third quartile of performance.

A few of the 27 janitorial best practices are shown below...

These are used in the same manner shown in the utilities section to identify what others in your quartile are doing (or are not doing) to achieve their results.

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